The improtants of a break after your Transformation

Why You Need A Break After Finishing A Long Intense Training Program

Most of you already know that getting plenty of rest after working out long and hard is important. However, every day we see people who over train or feel guilty about each day they miss workout. This is not right. The body needs to strengthen and repair itself and working out continuously will not make you stronger but weakens you instead

Days off are important when it comes to performance and there are several physiological and psychological reasons behind it. You need rest to repair muscles and rebuild them. Too much working out and not enough rest can lead to a serious condition – overtraining syndrome.

Exercising causes damage to tissues, fluid loss and depletion of stored energy. Recovery time is needed to rebuild the tissues, reduce the risk of injury and simply just give you a break.

If you are an athlete working out in seasonal training schedules, your program should include recovery days and even weeks where you either don't work out at all or do only light exercise sessions. Here is what you can do on your recovery days:

  • Stay active in your daily activities

  • Take a walk

  • Static and dynamic stretching

  • Swimming

  • Riding a bike

Staying somewhat active even when you are resting is good as it doesn't let your body to stiffen up and your muscles will stay in more and less the same shape.

After finishing a difficult workout program, enjoy your resting days, spend time with family, play with your kids and let your body recover.

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