Why Is Water Important For The Body

Our body is mostly made of water, in fact, up to 70% of you and me is water. The exact amount depends on your age and how much muscle you have. There is more water in muscle than in fat and since men have more muscle than women, usually men have more water as well.


Water is a must have in everyone's diet. It is full of electrolytes and minerals and without it, you won't survive. You could live weeks without food, but without water, you will die in days.


Water dissolves all the foods you eat and carries nutrients, minerals and vitamins around your body allowing organs to function properly. There is a fluid balance in each cell, if there isn't enough fluid in the cell, it will die. Also, if there is too much water, the cell will burst.


You body needs water for many processes, let's list them below:


  1. To digest food and help nutrients absorb into your bloodstream.

  2. To carry waste and toxins out of your body.

  3. To make biochemical reactions like digestion, energy production, tissue creation and metabolism occur.

  4. To regulate your body temperature.

  5. To send “messages” between your cells to make your muscles move, your brain think, your eyes see and all the other functions of your body work.

  6. To moisturise your skin and body as well as lubricate any moving parts.



75% of the water in our system is found in our body cells, but there are also extracellular fluids like the fluid in between the cells, blood plasma, lymph liquids, secretions like sweat and others.


It is recommended to consume at least 2 litres of water every day, even more if you are working out. Unfortunately, not many people pay attention to that. Be honest, do you make sure you get plenty of water?

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