Core muscle and there function

What Are Core Muscles And Their Function

You have probably heard that in order to be in shape and achieve your fitness goals you have to work on your core muscles. However, you may not have a very good idea about what these are exactly and why they are so important. Here is a brief overview.

Abdominal Muscles start from your sternum and run down to your waist. Their function is to let you do your daily activities like sports, housework, playing games etc. They also support your back and make it possible for you to stand up or bend over. Abdominal muscles work closely together with your other core muscles.


Back Muscles are also part of core muscles. These are located on your lower back and also the outer-middle parts of the back. Back core muscles support your abdominal muscles and help you do things like sitting up, bending over or reaching for something that's high up.


Side Muscles that run from your ribs down to your upper hips are called obliques. These core muscles help you bend and twist to your sides. You need them to turn your body to see what's behind and you need them for activities like tennis or golf.


Upper Legs Muscles are also core muscles, however they are not located on your torso. So, your core even extends to your legs. Some of the upper legs muscles that are considered “core” run along the inside and outside of your tights starting with your hips. Hamstrings and glutes are also a part of core muscles. All these assist the other core muscles helping you stand or sit, bend or reach, lift heavy things and do much more.


For better movement and strength, you need to work on your core muscles. There are special exercises for this muscle group which you should definitely do if you want to have better balance and more stabilit

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