Benefits Of Stretching

The Benefits Of Stretching Before, During And After Exercise

You have all heard that stretching is good for you. At school you gym teacher had you touch your toes and pull your arms before you started other activities and you have seen world class athletes stretching on TV before it's their time to compete.

Most of the time people stretch before or after exercise, but it can also be done during. Let's take a closer look at the benefits of each of the above.

Stretching Before Exercise

Most exercise routines include stretching in the beginning. Doing some stretches before you start your workout will not tire you, instead it will give you more energy, improves your performance, prevents injuries and lessens the soreness that you feel in your muscles after working out heavily. While stretching before exercise is good, don't overdo it. Before warming up, your muscles are still stiff and too much stretching can harm them.

Stretching During Exercise

Some people like to do their stretching during their workout in between exercises. This way their muscles have already warmed up and it's easier to do stretches, also there is less chance of injury. Stretching during workout relaxes you and you can do more. It also gives you a little break so you get a chance to catch your breath.

Stretching After Exercise

Stretching after you have finished your exercises is the most beneficial type of stretching. It will help you prevent soreness that you would otherwise get from working out. It also improves blood circulation and makes your muscles pliable and flexible. 

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