Benefits Of Post Injury Exercise

If you are an athlete, a body builder or an exercise enthusiast, you have probably had to face injuries at some point in your life. How you deal with the injury and how you do your exercising post injury determines a lot about the shape you are in after recovery

While the fist thought would be to stop exercising at all, this is not the right thing to do. You can start exercising even immediately after the injury. Of course, you need to see that the injured part gets rest and treatment, but you should still try to be as active as possible. For example, with a leg injury you can still do upper body training or with an arm injury you should work on your legs. Depending on the severity of your injury, you can even try some gentle stretching on the injured part.


Once the swelling and pain is starting to go away, you are on your way to recovery and can start working with your injured body part, keeping up with exercising the rest of your body as well. Slowly start active movements on the affected part, make sure you do warmups first.


When muscles are not used, their power will diminish fast, that is also why post injury exercising is so important. Even light exercises keep the injured part moving and it's easier for you to get back in shape after full recovery. Try resistance exercises with lots of repetitions but less weight. Endurance athletes, like runners for example,  can easily replace running with swimming, which will stress an injured leg the least.


As you recover more, you can go back to your regular exercises, but take it easy still. If you feel any pain or swelling, slow down. How much you do and how often depends on how you are feeling, however, doing something and being active every day is important to stay in shape even after injury.

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